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Theft, July 19, 2010
Suspect 6887 : Captured
Gender: male
Build: medium
Complexion: light
Height: medium
Milford Theft 7/19/10 - Unknown suspect
Suspect 6888
Gender: male
Build: large
Complexion: dark
Height: tall
Milford Theft 7/19/10 - Known Suspect
Theft - Case No. 100452
July 19, 2010
Milford : Kohl's Department Store
Christopher Roffo
Case Details:
The Milford Police Department arrested PROUT, Dennis of 507 Flint Ave. #1 Fall River, MA and Cranston, RI. He was apprehended after a short pursuit, during which, he assaulted a police officer and stole approximately $1000.00 of merchandise from Kohl’s in Milford, near 495. Kohl’s believes that he and others associated to him, have been hitting some of their other stores in their area. PROUT admits to being a heroin addict and steals to support the habit.

However, in talking with PROUT and seeing his phone messages, it appears that he and another male and female are shoplifting on a regular basis, in a possible Organized Theft Ring. A white 2000 Ford Explorer, bearing MA PC 5ED650 was parked on the side of the building and PROUT admitted to coming to Milford in that vehicle. The vehicle is owned by a DUNN, Jennifer Ann. She has been calling PROUT’s phone and I believe she was also with PROUT and the unknown white male during the theft. PROUT states he was with a “CHRIS RAFFO.” I cannot find anyone with a record or a driver’s license with that name in Massachusetts, however, PROUT states, “RAFFO” did time in Bristol County. I have a surveillance photo of the two of them in Kohl’s. Maybe someone can ID the white male. He states RAFFO dates, DUNN, Jennifer of Taunton. However, pills belonging to DUNN, Matthew are in the vehicle and he has three active WMS warrants. PROUT states DUNN, Matthew is divorced from the female DUNN. (I will try to compare pictures). I spoke to DUNN, Jennifer and “CHRIS RAFFO” popped up on PROUT’s caller ID. DUNN, Jennifer stated it was her phone. In plainview, in the above vehicle, there was a “Boost Bag”. I tried it in Kohl’s and it worked. I also found a shirt with tags from Aeropostale in the car and various Macy's Bags.

Detective Ball reports he has ID'd the W/M in my submission from Milford PD on 7/19/2010 as ROFFO, Christopher of Providence, RI.

Detective Ball reports this subject arrested in Rhode Island a few weeks ago, on this warrant.

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

Milford Police Department: (508) 473-1113 x 521
Investigator: Det. Jay Ball
Case Submission No.: 100452

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