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Theft, November 05, 2012
Suspect 9288 : Captured
Gender: male
Complexion: light
Height: tall
Shoplifting - Boston - 11/5/2012
Theft - Case No. 120634
November 05, 2012
Fenway : 401 Park Drive

Case Details:
Suspect walked into Best Buy and stole a laptop computer and set of headphones. Suspect fled in a gold Ford Taurus on Brookline Ave.

Thomas Galvin and his accomplice Nikolos Kostopuolos identified thanks to Braintree Police Matt Heslam and Boston PD Area A-1 PO Vinny Schettino

Boston PD Area D-4: (617) 343-4683
Investigator: Det Matt Tierney
Case Submission No.: 120634

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