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Theft, November 15, 2012
Suspect 9393
Gender: female
Build: medium
Complexion: medium
Height: medium
ID Theft - Westborough - 11/15/2012
Theft - Case No. 120714
November 15, 2012
Westborough : Best Buy

Case Details:
On 11-15-12 the female in the attached photos attempted to charge high end camera equipment at Manchester, NH. Best Buy, but was declined. Female suspect was able to make purchases at other Best Buy stores in this area. Below is the time line and locations of these purchases.

At 14:03 on 11/15/12 the female enters the Best Buy in Framingham, MA. At 14:13 she makes a purchase of an invisible shield for an Iphone. Total of this transaction is $37.18 including tax. She then makes another purchase of a Nikon D3200. Total of this transaction is $637.49 including tax. She exits the location at 14:20.

At 17:04 same female enters the Best Buy in Danvers, MA. A purchase is made of a Belkin Iphone case. The total of this transaction is $26.55 including tax. She then leaves the location at 17:21.

At 20:41 the same female enters the Best Buy in Manchester, NH. A purchase is made of a Nikon D600. The visa (last 4 digits 1386) was declined for the full amount of $1,185.38. It was approved for $914.61. The cashier that was processing this transaction asks for ID and one was not provided. This transaction was voided and the comments entered by the best buy employee as to the reason for the void were "Not her card." At 21:06 female leaves the location with no product.

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

Westborough Police Department: (508) 366-3060
Investigator: Detective Annuziata
Case Submission No.: 120714

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