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Theft, January 19, 2013
Suspect 9484 : Captured
Gender: male
Build: medium
Complexion: dark
Height: tall
B&E - Quincy - 1/19/2013
Theft - Case No. 130064
January 19, 2013
Quincy : Office building

Case Details:
Black male suspect was caught on video on a few floors of the office building after hours. Suspect tries several doors in the building finding one unlocked. A laptop was discovered stolen when business opened up next business day

The suspect had been identified and captured due to the tips I received from both MMW and Fox 25 News. Thanks for the help in solving in this case!

Quincv PD: (617) 745-5771
Investigator: Det. Jason S. MacIsaac
Case Submission No.: 130064

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