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Theft, January 28, 2013
Suspect 9532
Gender: female
Build: medium
Complexion: light
Height: short
Shoplifting - West Roxbury - 1/28/2013
Theft - Case No. 130103
January 28, 2013
West Roxbury : 75 Spring Street

Case Details:
This unidentified W/FM loaded $336.20 worth of groceries and merchandise into her shopping carriage. She then exited the store without paying. She was stopped by loss prevention personnel outside of the store. She abandoned the carriage, and fled the scene in a black Ford Explorer on Spring Street towards the VFW Parkway.

Suspect identified after an anonymous tip from a viewer of the Bob Ward MMW segment on Fox 25.

If you have any information about the identity of this person or where they are, please contact:

Boston PD / District E-5: (617) 343-4595
Investigator: Detective Michael Harper
Case Submission No.: 130103

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